Fat thoughts

Why you should lose weight in Singapore, Clare

September 28, 2014
Lose weight, Clare

Hi Clare,

over the past 10 years, you have been gaining a lot of weight, almost twice or thrice as much as what you should weigh at your age. I know, it is now your 2nd week of diet but things aren’t going smoothly. I hope this post will be a motivation to you and let me refresh your mind with a list of unforgettable events that happened throughout the 10 years and how I really felt being in your fat body.

1. TAF = FAT

You remembered this, don’t you. Your mandatory daily exercise like running around the field and collecting stamps on the back of your hand during recess while your friends queued up for their food. Sweating profusely as you go about with your rounds, your friends were happily chit-chatting away with food in their mouths. After collecting the 7 stamps, you hurriedly walked to the canteen in hope that there is at least 15 minutes of time before the end of recess. You looked up to the clock right above you and just then the interval bell rang. It was too late. No more time for you to have your first meal of the day properly. You could only grab a quick bite. How long did that lasted? Oh yeah, 7 years.

2. The center of attention

This happened back when you were in Secondary School, a short trip to the nearby mall made you the center of attention in a bad way. While queueing up for bubble tea with friends, a man tapped on your shoulder and you turned around instantly. He said, “You look pretty, very slim”, followed by a series of laughter behind him. Quite a number of people looked and wondered what happened. It was a split second that made you realise they were playing Truth of Dare. Apparently you are the target for their Dare. Helpless and Sad was how you felt that day, you couldn’t sleep, you kept replaying that scene over and over again. You were scared to visit the mall, so you tried your best to avoid going. Even till now.






Photo by Leon Biss